Inspirational PSAs

One of my favorite recent PSAs is the CDC’s Tips from Smokers. This video series brings stories of real smokers to viewers in a way that is personal, poignant and effective. An estimated 1.6 million people made a quit attempt after watching one of the tip videos.

Below are a few more clever PSAs to inspire you.

It looks like the 30+ crowd is the target for this anti-smoking PSA. By combining a retro gaming image with lungs and cigarettes, this advertisement makes you stop and think, which is a success in my book. The actual copy “Quit Smoking” is almost unnecessary because anyone familiar with Breakout and similar games will get the message loud and clear.

Pong-style anti smoking ad


In this Brazilian Fiat ad, the caption reads “Now you see it. Now you don’t,” but like with the anti-smoking ad, the words are almost unneeded, and in this case, I’d say I prefer it without them. For me, the image says something even more powerful – when you open this can and drive, you make things disappear. Sometimes the best writing is no writing at all.

Side by side images of beer can tops, one with a bicyclist visible and the other with the can open and the bicyclist missing


Stuttering can be debilitating, but does it have to be serious? This simple and light-hearted PSA gets the message across by being self-referential and just a little bit funny.

A sign that looks like three signs, all overlapping with the words,


Do you have a favorite PSA? Share it in the comments.


~ by SFcopywriter on January 26, 2014.

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