First Post

Well, time to start a blog. It only took grad school, a startup, lots of contracting, two corporate gigs and about eight years, but here I am, finally jumping in with something to say.

And what is my contribution to the blogosphere? Simply put: commentary, ruminations and rants on copywriting, email marketing, branding and advertising – all from the perspective of a seasoned marketing writer with an occasional bit of humor.

At least, that’s my intention now. I plan to make this a living blog meaning that as time goes on, I’ll figure out which topics resonate with readers and shift focus as needed, but whatever the focus, it will have something to do with copywriting. That or I’ll have to change my URL. And before you ask, the SF in my pseudonym comes from “San Francisco” because SF is where I live, work and write.

SF attitude, universal advice. And now…time to blog!


~ by SFcopywriter on August 12, 2011.

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